Thursday, June 6, 2013

Run to the sea, Festival.

In June of each year. The months leading into the sea in the morning. Travelers to be able to run. Or walk across the sea from the coast of the Gulf of the mortar. To protect the island. The event is opened to the sea at this time of the year. In the year 2556 this Subdistrict some fresh water. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office Chumphon Nam Lang Suan district and municipal administrative province. Event was scheduled to run through the sea to the island of the nine trustees on June 23, 2556, at West Arrow Naruchai Chakri model ships. Pak Nam Chumphon Lang Suan district, to encourage and promote eco-tourism in the province.

The distance across the sea from the coast of the Gulf to Mortar Bang freshwater island protector. A distance of about 1 km away from the coastal sea depth of about 30 cm and also Acti action. Mini marathon 14-kilometer distance to Lake Fun Run Distance 3.5 miles to the open sea, eating wild free bike squid fishing activity on Parry Island homestay etc.

Call for more information.
TAT Chumphon 0-7750 1832 / 0-7750 2775-6.
Ampol adults Thani Garuda 08-1093 1443.
Administration Office 0-7754 4530 Tue Lang.
Some freshwater Prime SAO 08-7102 6439.

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