Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Butterfly Festival for the Pang Sida.Thailand

During the June 8 -31 July 2556, at Pang Sida National Park, Muang ,Sakaeo Province.

Butterfly Festival for the Pang Sida. The ninth consecutive time, which aims to promote the image of tourism in Sa Kaeo province. Including income distribution, and the local community. By Pang Sida National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Complete with wild and beautiful nature. The beautiful butterfly is considered a source of more than 450 species are recognized to travelers. And has been regarded as. "Butterflies of the eastern forests."

Activities in the works.

     -Watching butterflies. And recommended shooting the butterfly.

     -Walk - Run for Health.

     -Robot contest and parade procession butterfly (7 June 56).

     -To do to bulge artificial butterfly (Contact the park).

     -Display and sales OTOP of Sa Kaeo province.

     -Drawing activity. Painting a butterfly

     -Activity Exhibition "Butterfly".

     -Butterfly Charcoal exhibition.

     -Mountain bike riding Scenic Conquest Pang Sida.

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